A Bride’s Skincare Guide Before the Big Day

If you’re at the point in wedding planning where you’re looking for accessories (*cough cough*), it’s likely you’re also eating healthy, maybe getting a few extra sweat sessions in, and preparing your skin and body for the bright lights on your big day. While we can talk about accessories all day (have you seen this?), we’ve also been fortunate to work with incredible make up artists who moonlight as skin care connoisseurs.

To that end, let’s talk about some of our favorite products to use in anticipation of the wedding so your wedding pictures come out THIS gorgeous…

Actual Perfection


For our first pick for pre-wedding skin care, we want to shout out a product that includes calendula. What is it, you say? Calendula is technically pot marigold. Yes, think big beautiful yellowish orange leaves (even better if this color is in your wedding palette). This miraculous flower can add star power to your wedding skin care regime as it’s known to have anti-inflammatory properties in addition to moisturizing and firming qualities. Who doesn’t want all of those things in preparation for wedding photos?

For All Folks is our pick for the best Face / Body Wash at the best price. Bonus points that this company was started by a rockstar latina! 


Our moisture needs vary with the climate and the season. If you’re having a destination wedding, this is even more important to pay attention to. If your wedding is in a different location than home, give some thought to how much time your skin will need to acclimate and what products you want to bring with you for the wedding (those that can’t be seen, but again, make a huge difference in how you look and more importantly, how you feel on your wedding day). 

Our pick for the number one of all time moisturizers is SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore. Stay with us here, the price tag is worth it only because you can really dial the usage up or down in any climate *and* you’ll likely never need more than a dime size worth (as written by someone living in the desert). 


While we don’t recommend trying a new product the very night before your wedding, we do love a good mask. Adding a mask to your pre-wedding self care game (or even the bachelorette party) can help clear away dead cells, and leave you with that bridal glow we all long for. For this category, we can’t help but share a few…

Virmanik Boutique in Oaxaca carries really incredible products. Give them a follow and check out this mask that includes oh so lovely macadamia oil. Or, check out Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Face Mask – the creator says it’ll give you brand new skin in just a couple of uses. We’ve tested and approved of this message! Last, but not least, OSEA makes dreamy products all across the board. If you’re coming up against some stressful wedding deadlines and the effects are showing in your skin, look no further than their White Algae Face Mask to calm your skin and get you back to 100 before the wedding (bonus points for usage pre-beach wedding). 


We have to admit, we were late to the game on this one, but incredible makeup artists like those at Mina & Mona Salon have set us straight on how a great toner can add to your wedding day skin care and makeup game. Toners can do a multitude of things for your skin on your big day – like adding moisture and balancing pH. These sprays also make great gifts to the wedding party who undoubtedly sat on airplanes to reach the wedding and are looking for a little wedding glow themselves! This Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore is the ticket. Spray it, and spray it liberally. 

A Look by Mina & Mona
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At El Taller, we sincerely hope our products add a special sparkle to your wedding day, but we know we don’t do it alone! It takes a small army of great products, and loads of attention and care to each choice you make for your wedding day (and we’re just glad to be a part of the magic). Give us a follow on IG if you haven’t already to see incredible shots of the way it all comes together (from hair to makeup to hairvines and more) for our brides!

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