Boutonnieres & More Bridal Trends for the Groom

Most of the time when we think about a wedding, we think about the bride and the dress. Sometimes we forget that the day is just as important for the groom. The stress of choosing an outfit for your big day can be just as real for the groom, as it is for the bride.

For a long time, grooms chose traditional clothing for the wedding, but we're glad to see that the trend is changing. Grooms are becoming more adventurous when it comes to their looks for the wedding. More grooms are wearing unique-to-them outfits, with details that make their look memorable. As brides have more resources when it comes to wedding attire, here are some of the bridal trends that grooms can confidently follow.


Boutonnieres are the most common bridal trend among grooms, and it totally deserves the hype. The boutonnieres light up the groom’s look, while also making it unique and personal. And the best thing is that they can complement the partner’s outfit. Nowadays, there are thousands of types of boutonnieres. Here are a few you could try.

Floral Boutonnieres

Lots of grooms choose to go with traditional floral boutonnieres. The great part about floral boutonnieres is that they can easily match the overall color scheme and be made from the same flowers as the bride's bouquet. 

Personality Boutonnieres

We call non-floral boutonnieres "personality boutonnieres" because they really are a great way to show off a groom's personality, or even his interests. From leaves and flowers to bees and deer, our boutonniere collection is a great example of the many types of personalities that can be shown off with a simple accessory.

White Tuxedo

A groom in white is another bridal trend that is having its moment. While a bride in white is more of a tradition than just a trend, it certainly does not mean that grooms cannot rock white outfits at the wedding. With this choice, grooms can match the outfit and add accessories for vibrance. If you are planning a summer or a destination wedding, you should certainly consider a white outfit.

Pop of Color

Gray, tan, navy, and black are probably the most common colors for a groom's suit. While you might not look back at the photos and go, "What was I thinking?", the plain color scheme can get a little boring. We absolutely love when grooms try suit colors that will make him standout, but aren't too terribly bold—like this beautiful coral, rust color. 

White Sneakers

White sneakers have been saviors for brides for a long time. After all, a wedding is a busy day and the bride is the busiest person. So, white sneakers have been giving brides a chance to have a break and wear comfortable shoes that look effortless, and matches the dress. This is a trend we absolutely love and think that grooms should definitely catch up. White sneakers look good, they are trendy and comfortable.

Floral Pocket Square

Floral arrangements are a big part of a wedding. It's no coincidence that bridal gowns, jewelry, and veils often have floral patterns. Grooms can follow this trend by having a floral pocket square. Bonus points: match the bride’s bouquet by having the same flowers or color scheme. While we hope this trend becomes more popular, it is still not too common—you still have time to add this uniquely unforgettable accessory to your wedding look!

If you've got a unique bridal trend for the groom that you're keeping a secret, let it out and tag us on Instagram! Shop our boutonnieres here. Pro tip: Bundle save money when you order a boutonnieres for all the groomsmen, too!