Bridal Hairstyles For Every Season

If you are looking for inspiration for your bridal hairstyle, reflecting on the season in which your wedding will be held can be a big help. The practical realities, such as the temperature, and the symbolic meanings associated with each season can play a part in your final hairstyle decision.


A warm golden sun and the fun of vacation season come to mind when summer is mentioned. The natural world is in full bloom, so it’s a perfect time to stop and smell all the roses.

Updo: Play up the romance of the summer season with an elegant updo. Summer has a way of wrapping you up in its warm embrace, literally, so an updo is also an excellent way to stay cool in the heat.  

Messy low ’do: If the classic updo feels a little too formal to you, try a messy low ’do with several face-framing pieces for a relaxed look.

 Accessories: A halo hairpiece in rich emerald green hues can turn the simplest summer updo into an angelic look.


With the advent of autumn, the nights grow longer and the temperature cools down. We can easily recognize the change of the seasons in the vibrant red and orange leaves swirling down all around us. 

Half Up, Half Down: Celebrate the season of transition with a hairdo that is the best of both worlds.

 Accessories: Deep jewel tones work well in autumn wedding accessories. Adorn your hairdo with a headpiece that suggests you are queen of the harvest.

 A natural headpiece that looks a bit like freshly harvested wheat is perfect for an autumnal bride.

 Golden twig and beetle hair pins carry an air of autumn. 

 This black bee hair comb adds a magical, mysterious touch to an autumnal style.


This is the season to snuggle up by the fire with your beau as shimmering snowflakes fall outside your window. Don’t forget the steaming mug of cocoa!

Soft waves & romantic curls: You can easily get away with wearing your hair down this season, as the winter air carries a frosty chill. Loose, tousled waves work well for those who want a relaxed style, while tight curls can add that va-va-voom factor to brides looking for a more dramatic look.

Accessories: Glittering crystals and white feathers are reminiscent of snowflakes.

 White flowers also work well as winter-time accessories.

 Silver star hair pins make a beautiful, wintry addition to a demure ’do.

 For a touch of old school class, try adding these pearl pins to flowing waves.


Color returns to the world as winter’s snow melts. A time of renewal and hope, spring is an excellent season in which to tie the knot. 

Braids: Braids have long been associated with springtime thanks to the maypole traditions of old, which celebrated the return of warmth to the world. You can weave this joyful association into your look with a braid of your own.

Accessories: Try adding a gorgeous green accessory to your ’do for that special spring-time touch.

Garden brides love the soft green and bright turquoise of this springtime headpiece.

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