Bridal Trends: What Is In and Out for Spring Weddings 2022

There’s a reason, a very real reason that we’re excited by this year’s bridal trends. After years of same ‘ol, same ‘ol, we’re seeing some very clever and fresh bridal trends bouncing around for Spring ‘22 weddings. It must be all that quarantine time creativity paying off!

Let us begin with….

Hairstyles with complexity

It’s a bun, it’s a braid, it’s an updo, too. Our favorite bridal hairstyle trend for Spring 2022 is the way artists (like our gal, Cintia Jasso, from Monterey, Mexico) are combining elements of multiple hairstyles into one. Case in point – this beautiful multi-faceted look with an El Taller rhinestone chair. 


This look really has it all. The front is wispy and romantic. The back is a braid and a soft, low pony, which is truly just perfect for the bride’s second look. Speaking of which…

What’s out: boring, one dimensional looks. Unless of course, your dress and jewelry does all the talking.

Second Looks

What used to be reserved for the Kardashians and the like, and honestly kind of frowned upon by most non-Kardashian humans, is now for everyone. This Spring, expect to see more and more brides embracing the second look, after the bridal ceremony gown. We love this trend, because, why shouldn’t we dance the night away in comfort and preserve our ceremony gown for future generations or even resale? And if you’re looking for your first, second, or third gown, take a look at what designer Liz Martinez Bridal has to offer. Styled here with a swoony-worthy El Taller hairpin:


What’s out: skipping the second looks because it’s seen as too glamorous. Let your hair down!


Feathers + pearl pins, oh my. Lace isn’t the only texture invited to the party anymore. If you haven’t caught on to this bridal trend yet, please do us a favor and hop on the party bus. Looks with something hard, something soft, something blue, and something bold will be the ones that take the cake in Spring ‘22.


What’s out: flat looks. Unless you’re getting hitched beachside in Morocco with no shoes and a hitchhiker as a witness, which we fully support by the way, go ahead and add some texture – your photos will thank you!

Make it POP

Along the same lines of texture, we can’t miss mentioning pops of color. We’ve seen this done in makeup for awhile with a glam red lip or a glossy pop (like this stunning look by Mina & Mona Salon), but now we’re seeing pops of color make its way pass the shoulders and we could not be more excited. 


What’s out: well, it goes without saying. Bleak, stark white. Not much fun for anyone.

Hair vines

Now for one of our very own… hair vines! While we do love a tiara or veil ourselves, hair vines are a relatively new (or rather revived) bridal trend on the scene. We won’t bore you with more words, when we could show you instead…


What’s out: lack of hair accessories. Style it up!

So what’s the hottest bridal trend of Spring 22? Whatever you want it to be! Whatever it is, make it your own. If these trends go to show anything, it’s that the wedding is YOURS to customize to your heart’s content. Shop our collection here or follow us on IG for more styles that make us look like the heart eye emoji.