Hair Vines: Our Favorite Ways to Style

Hair vines are one of the most versatile hair accessories for a wedding. They are flexible, so they can be styled in a way that fits the bridal look and personal aesthetic. Pick a hair vine you love and easily adjust it according to the hairstyle you have chosen. The accessory’s flexible wires give you the opportunity to modify and make the hair vine look like a one-of-a-kind piece.

Although hair vines are go-to accessories, brides may have trouble styling them, given the myriad hairstyle options they allow for. In this article, we will share our favorite ways to style hair vines, so that you can make the best of this accessory! 

Weaved into a Messy Long Braid

This styling compliments both the hairstyle and the accessory itself. If you want the hair vine to be the center of your hairstyle, then you can braid the accessory into a long loose braid. We love this look for two reasons: First, it’s simply gorgeous, giving a basic hairstyle the most elegant makeover. Second, it just looks comfortable—and while you want to look fabulous as a bride, you also want to feel comfortable. Plus, the hair vine will help keep your loose braid in place, and preserve your look for the day.

Minimalism with a Simple Loose Braid

This is another version of the previous style. This hairdo is more suitable if you are looking for minimalism and a simple, yet gorgeous hair vine style.

This specific hair vine, Alyssa Hair Vine, is especially created for a simple and elegant bridal look. The flowers of the accessory shine delicately and create an eye-catching silhouette. The combination of rhinestone, crystals and pearls create a vine that suits a classic hairstyle.

Hair Vines with an Updo

We love seeing hair vines with updo hairstyles. If you have decided to go with an updo hairstyle for your wedding, there are two ways you can incorporate a hair vine into your bridal look.

Headband Style

We all know that updo hairstyles keep your look minimalistic, so hair vines are a great way to add brightness and celebratory spirit for the wedding. Hair vine styled in this way will bring shine and glow to your bridal look.

Framing the Updo Bun

This is another way you could add hair vine to your updo hairstyle. Framing the bun with a hair vine will liven up the look, while still holding on to the elegance and minimalism. Styling Silver Stardust around the bun will make your look more luxurious and sophisticated.

Across the Forehead Gatsby Vibes

Putting the hair vine across your forehead and matching it with soft waves creates a vintage, tender, and soft look. Whether you are planning a traditional wedding or want to have a period theme wedding, this unique look can really match any vibe. The vintage outlook of the forehead hair vine matched with a light veil is a memorable look that will leave a remarkable impression.

This specific hair vine, the Almudena, creates a feeling of timeless elegance. Soft flowers joined with gentle golden wire make a headpiece that can make any bridal look truly unforgettable.

Headband with Natural Hair Style

You do not need to go through the difficult hair styling process to decorate your hair with a vine accessory. One of our favorite styles is a natural look matched with a hair vine worn as a headband. This look defines grace and eternal style. You simply cannot go wrong with this. The Arianna Hair Vine is a good pick to make this style come alive. 


While these are some of our favorite ways to style hair vines, it doesn't mean there aren't a hundred other gorgeous ways to do it! Shop our collection here or share your look with us on IG!