How A Bride Can Effortlessly Match Her Groom

If you intend to follow wedding tradition, then you will likely make sure your groom doesn’t catch sight of you in your wedding dress before the big day. This can make coordinating outfits a bit tricky, but you can absolutely have a conversation ahead of time to ensure you match up. 


If you have opted for a themed wedding, then you and your groom can both wear a style that suits the theme. Whether you’re going vintage glam for an Old Hollywood wedding, or sun-kissed and barefoot for a beach wedding, if you both follow the theme then you’ll definitely match.



If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, I’ll be wearing a white dress, how will this work?” think again. Even in a white gown, it is surprisingly easy to coordinate a color match with your fiancé. If you share a favorite color or have picked a main color for your wedding, you could both sport a subtle touch of that color. 

Your groom could wear a tie, cufflinks, or pocket square in that shade, while you could opt for jewelry or accessories in your chosen hue. Of course, it’s also true that some brides choose to wear colorful dresses, so if that is the case, you can go for a more prominent color match.


Brides usually carry a bouquet while the groom wears a flower on his lapel, but you can absolutely opt to match your hair accessories to your groom’s boutonniere. Here are a few fun options for the two of you:

Bees: You two will be all the buzz with this precious set. He can don the bee in gold or silver while you can pin your hair back with the sweet little honeys. With these in place, you will be all ready to fly down the aisle and kiss your beau. 

For him: 

 Bee Pin - Him

For her: 

Bee Pin - Her

Fern: This sweet plant represents family and new beginnings, a perfect symbol for your wedding day. He can wear a gold or silver fern on his lapel while you wear a fern or two in the form of hair combs. 

 For him:  

Fern Bouton - Him

For her:

Fern Bouton - Her

Camellia: A symbol of love, affection, and admiration, the camellia is a touching symbol to wear and share. Your groom can go gold while you pin back a few stray strands with a single camellia pin or decorate a braid with a blooming array of flowers.

For him: 


For her: 


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