How to Choose Bridal Earrings

It’s your big day. You’ve spent months planning every detail, from the font on the seating arrangement to the florals of your centerpieces. Your bridal look deserves just as much attention, if not more. In the same way that an accent piece can make a room, the bridal earrings you choose can make your special look pop. 

There are a few things to consider when selecting your ideal earrings. First and foremost, you’ll want to take a good look at your gown. If your dress has an intricate neckline, it may be wise to skip a necklace, but earrings are always a welcome addition to a beautiful bridal look. Consider the specific style of your dress and opt for earrings that complement it. Vintage earrings best match a vintage dress, for example, just as more contemporary pieces will match a modern gown.

Ideally, your dress is a stunning expression of your personality. Your earrings are no different. You want to feel like your best self, with a splash of dream-come-true. 

Here are a few dreams you can bring to life with the perfect bridal earrings:


If you’re a beach babe who simply can’t get enough of sea and surf, mermaid-inspired earrings may make you feel as if you’ve just stepped onto dry land. Try pairing softly waved hair with Freshwater Pearl Clusters. 

Star Girl

If your idea of a good time involves stargazing or reading up on your astrological chart, consider becoming something of a star yourself by donning Starburst Earrings. These sweet studs will bring a vibrant sparkle to your outfit. 

If you will be wearing your hair up and want more of a statement earring, you could also opt for these long streams of golden stars


Love a fantasy story filled with elves and fairies, magic and adventure? Try these glittering cubic zirconia Symphony Drop Earrings. When you walk down the aisle, you might just feel as if you’ve walked straight out of Middle Earth. 

Egyptian Queen

For those with a dramatic flair, why not take a page from Cleopatra’s book and go with golden scarab earrings? Ancient Egyptians viewed this beetle as a symbol of renewal and rebirth, fitting for the newlywed life you are soon to enter.

Flower Child

If you have a deep love of the natural world and are something of a hippie at heart, try wearing these graceful organza petal earrings to be a blooming bride.

For more dreamy bridal earrings, check out our collection here. We’re sure you’ll find the ones you want to say “I do!” to.