Spotlight on Our Founder, Paola De Ezkauriatza

El Taller is the product of a hard-working Latina who believed in herself, created her own opportunity, and loves her pieces now as much as she did when she first started. Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Paola De Ezkauriatza founded El Taller years after she first began making jewelry in college with her mom. 

Paola moved to Houston, Texas a few years ago and also recently became a new mom—yes, she really can do it all! Recently we sat down with our founder to hear the story of how El Taller was born, and ask some burning questions we had about her Paola’s own wedding look. 

When did you start making and designing jewelry?

I started making jewelry when I first started college—my mom and I designed and made these very intricate rings with semi precious stones. Then I stopped making jewelry for a while until I moved to Mexico City and started a jewelry brand there with a friend of mine, it was not El Taller, but it still is a project very dear to me.Because of that brand and all the pieces I was designing, I really wanted to learn more about the craft itself. 

I did my research and moved to New York, where I took more jewelry courses. Living in New York was the perfect opportunity to get more exposure as a Mexican jewelry brand. We took our shot and did two trunk shows at Henri Bendel’s flagship store at the 5th Avenue. It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

I think most of it comes from nature. In both of our workspaces we have amazing views, especially in my store back home in Monterrey. We have huge windows with beautiful views of the woods, the mountains, and gorgeous big trees. I think a beautiful workspace is a really big deal for us. We only need to look at our surroundings and that really does make a difference in how and what we create.  

What is your mission with El Taller?

My mission with El Taller is to make way for out of the ordinary and eye-catching statement pieces that revolutionize how people look at bridal accessories. There’s so much more to them than what most people know or imagine.  

Did you always have this vision for El Taller?

Honestly, I never thought it would turn into what it is today, but I’m so glad and grateful it did. El Taller has grown so much because of our hard work throughout the years, but also because of our supportive clients. I took a shot in the dark, I trusted the process, I’ve been working hard ever since, and here we are. 

Your wedding…tell us more! Accessories, dress, style?

I had my wedding back in 2018, and when I started planning I knew I wanted to wear two different looks—two dresses each with a unique headpiece. I always knew I wanted to have a very elegant, simple, and timeless dress. 

For the first look I wore a very simple silk halter dress. I used it only for some pictures before the ceremony, and I used a porcelain flower headpiece with off-white and blush tones in a half up-do. It was all very soft and sweet.  

For my second and most important look, I designed my wedding dress with a friend from Madrid who designs bridal gowns—she’s amazing. It was a long-sleeved off-white silk crepe dress, very simple and beautiful. I also wore a gorgeous long silk veil.  For this dress I designed a very intricate halo made with antique gold details, silver leaves and porcelain flowers. It was such a statement piece. I completed the look with the most unique earrings, made of the same leaves I used for my headpiece… imagine a hanging gold leaf with a pearl at the end. These statement pieces helped balance the simplicity of my dress, while keeping its elegant essence. 

What's your favorite piece from El Taller and how do you wear it?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but If I had to choose I’d say the Electra headpiece because it can be used for many occasions. It’s a piece that has been worn by brides and wedding guests. I dare to say it could also be worn for parties or even red carpet events! It can be used with so many hairstyles, it’s so versatile, and it also has stars in it—which I’m obsessed with. 

Another of my favorite pieces is actually a bracelet, it’s ‘The One You Feed’ bracelet, which my mom and I wear almost all the time. I love the story behind it, and that its contrast between silver and gold stands for something. 

Paloa says she loves stories, and when things have a meaning behind them. “I think that’s why El Taller exists and what makes it so special,” she says. “There’s a story behind every piece we design.”