The Best Hairstyles for Your Bridal Headpiece

If you’re choosing to wear a headpiece on your big day, be it a full crown or just a few simple pins, you’ll have to coordinate your hairstyle to match the accessory. Here at El Taller, we love how a classic bridal headpiece can elevate any hairdo. 

As a bride, there aren’t many aspects of your look that you can accessorize. Purse? Nope. Shoes? Barely seen. Coat? Rarely needed. Hair pieces and jewelry are the most important accessories a bride can use to make her style unique and personal, but it’s not as simple as just throwing any headpiece into any hairstyle. Below are some of the best hairstyles for your bridal headpiece!

The Classic Bun Updo

This timeless, elegant updo is great for small, symmetrical headpieces. The bun updo with hair accessory is our favorite “less is more” look. Depending on the height of the bun or thickness of your hair, the headpiece could actually go on top or beneath the bun. If you’ve got dark hair, opt for a white or cream pin. If your hair is lighter, gold would be our choice. 

The Hair-Down Natural Look

Some brides like to keep things natural—they want to look their best, but also look like themselves. We respect this look. Keep it natural by wearing your hair down, with a slight wave or curl to your locks. To give the natural look a bit more oomph, pin a side back with a stunning headpiece.

The Scattered Braid

Braids have truly only started to become a popular hairstyle for brides within the last few decades, and we don’t see them going away anytime soon. From classic braids to fishtail, there’s a myriad of styles that can be done. Braids are interesting because most women can give themselves one in a few minutes and it’s bound to look gorgeous, which is why for special occasions we love to elevate the look by scattering headpieces throughout the hair.

Hair-Behind-Shoulders Queen

Inspired by Egyptian Queens, keep your long hair behind your shoulders and wear a crown-like headpiece. Your hair can either be fully down, or half-up half-down—both will work. We love this look for a bride who is wearing a strapless or spaghetti-strapped dress, or simply a bride who loves her shoulders!

Ponytail Pizzaz

Very similar to the bun updo, this look adds a little ‘pizazz’ to a simple, everyday hairstyle. In this hairdo, the headpiece can either be worn on top of the ponytail as shown below, or it could be strung throughout as shown here. This hairstyle is nice for dresses with open backs as it leads people’s eyes down your back, really showing it off.

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