Wedding Photos Every Bride Needs

Your wedding day will be filled with milestone moments, from the first look with mom and dad to the first dance as a married couple. Your big day can easily pass by in a blur of joyful laughter and teary tenderness. As long as your photographer snaps shots of the following, you’ll have stunning photos to look back on and reminisce over. 


This is the time for your photographer to capture sweet, candid shots of the to-be-weds and wedding party members getting ready.

Bride getting ready

By gently blurring the helping hands that are fixing up the bride’s hair, the crystal-clear focus stays on the bride and her lovely facial features.

Bride at the window

This shot tends to have a dreamy, fairy tale quality to it, as the bride gazes out the window and prepares for the big, beautiful life change she is about to make.

Decorative Details

Considering how much thought has gone into every detail of the wedding, it makes sense to have the photographer shoot the décor and accessories. Close-ups of the bouquet, the centerpieces in the reception room, the wedding cake, and more should all be shot before the ceremony. 

Accessory shots

Minimalistic shots that highlight the bride’s gorgeous accessories are a must-have for the wedding album.



This is it, the big moment, and you can bet the photographer will be there to catch every bit of it, from the guests arriving and taking their seats to the wedding party processional, the couple standing at the altar to the “I do’s.”

Here comes the bride

This is the perfect shot to show off the details of the bride’s dress or hairstyle in situ, walking down the aisle with all the guests turned toward her. 


The couple is officially married, which means it is time to celebrate! This is the time for fun, candid shots of the newlyweds and their guests as everyone dances, drinks, and enjoys the party.

Cocktail hour

Here’s a bride sitting out on the lawn, regal as a queen, sipping on something cold and refreshing.

First dance

The photographer will be sure to snap shots of the couple’s first swirl around the dance floor. A photo that gently blurs the seated guests will emphasize the joy on the faces of the newlyweds.


Wedding party, family, and couple portraits are essential. It’s best to get both playful, candid photos and artfully posed shots.

The loving couple

You want shots that show the couple holding one another while glowing with excitement to spend the rest of their lives together. 

A romantic kiss

The bride and groom share some love beneath a verdant archway. 


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